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In the six months prior to the pandemic I found myself in a new career and in a new commute, with the autumn days quickly growing dark. My view of the larger world outside of work and home became one of transportation: literally the buses in which I rode, moving from one part of my life into another, but also figuratively as I was moved by the strange beauty of the darkness outside, punctuated by sparkly lights and warped through cascading precipitation, and all of the reflections, of my cohort and of the architecture of our worlds and the abstractions caused by the mix. These photos are captures of those beautiful moments and appreciation of the magic of light, of shiny surfaces and transparencies which allow us to see out and show us what is actually inside if we change our focus.

Reflection photograph: Stretching through the ceiling of sky

  • This photograph was taken using an iPhone camera. It is a single exposure and has had only minimal adjustments to contrast and luminosity using only the photos app editing options. This is not a photoshop creation.

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